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Not much going on tonight. We had a rush of newbies in Kaerwyn, but we had a lot of ops on, so I didn't really pay much attention (Except for the secksay Van Helsing werewolf convo). I haven't really paid much mind to the other channels tonight while I worked on other stuff.

I have a general layout for Art Torrent, but shadowsmyst hasn't been on at all tonight. I wanted to show her before I put the effort into building the site with it. It's kind of blah, and plain, but I Think it'll make the artwork on the site show up a lot better with a blah site setup.

I found a cool new community that I just joined. I think some of you on my friends list would like it as well. It's Herp Photography. If you don't know what a herp is, then you probably won't care about it. I figure I can get some great reference photos for various reptiles. I've been itching to do an anthro-snake pic after doing the whole snake demon thing in BT. Anyway here's the community -> herphotography

I was supposed to do a Crimson Fury tonight, but it got pushed aside for other work. Meh. I'm feeling kinda sick now so I doubt I would have done CF anyway. I think I'm getting Bow's cold (That he had last weekend). It sucks somethin' awful cuz we were s'posta go to the beach this weekend.

But whatever. I'll deal best I can.

I should have some sketchy stuff posted in my new art journal -> drakkolupen so keep an eye out if you're interested.

All for now.

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