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Weird Dreams

Whenever I have to take my cold/sinus meds (Since I'm sicky) I get seriously fucked up dreams.

In the first dream, I went to the doctor for my checkup (The one I cancelled in RL). Bow came to pick me up and the caprice was covered in ants, wasps (Like Cow Killers) and a bunch of other bugs. Then I started turning into some kind of bug. That was majorly fucked up there. I woke up not long after that. I blame that on the bug website I was looking at saturday night.

In the second dream, I was in NYC (or some other large city) driving our Yukon. Apparently I had stolen it from Bow and broke up with him. But after he chased me for a while (presumably a long time, like years), I couldn't bare to keep his truck from him, so I gave it back. He thusly punched me in the face and walked off.

There was another one where an old friend of mine from HS, and someone I know from online was living with us, at my parents house. It was the b'day of the person I know from online, and I got her a present, but she got all kinds of pissed off because I locked myself in her room (That she shared with the person I knew from HS) to wrap it up. The b'day girl then proceeded to tear apart my room since she couldn't get in hers. But I smacked her down with guilt from getting a present, and all was well.

Seems like there were others, but I can't remember them.

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