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Amber the Coyote

CeAnn (The lady that runs the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center) has posted an update on her site. I hope she doesn't mind if I paste it here, but I thought you guys might want to know:

From http://www.coyoterescue.org/Amber.html

February 6, 2005

My beautiful, precious Amber is healing. This will be a long process for her, but I just want to let the many people who care about her know what is going on. Her eye does not look good. It continues to seep a little blood. Dr. Wolf says that as long as the blood isn't dripping, that it is better to just let it be, rather than to stress her out by trying to get her back to the clinic. I agree with him.

She not only needs to heal physically, but emotionally and behaviorally as well. She is afraid of a flashlight and is not the trusting Amber she used to be. I am working with three Ethologists who are giving me some very good suggestions on how to win back her trust.

The response from people all over the world has been like a miracle. I can't believe the number of people who came together from all over the world to help this little coyote. Your donations have made it possible for her vet. bill to be paid, for plywood to be bought, for a reward to be offered, for some surveillance to be purchased for her pen (soon) and for me to buy her the best, freshest food to help her heal. Her medications are also paid for.

I have received donations from as small as $.22 to as large as $500. I have tried to personally thank everyone. I hope that I haven't missed anyone.

I will keep you updated as she continues to heal. As soon as she starts looking better on the left side of her face, I will post pictures.

I have always thought that Americans were generous people. You have proven that.

Thank you for helping me and Amber. If I ever find out who did this, I will post his name.


I'd love to know how much she got, but I'm so glad she got -enough- for everything she needs.

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