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What a craptastic day.

I'm still sick, so that was just a 'given' for it being a so-so day. Art Torrent's site was hacked because of a PHP setting that made it vulernable to a worm or something. Before you guys start handing out advice on security, I'm not the owner of the server, so it would be wasted breath if you tell me. The admin has fixed it however, and the database for the forums weren't touched, so we're all good. It was just one of those stupid worms that goes in and changes all the index.* files to say something retarded. I tried to warn Splash about my curse though *G* (The one where if I "touch" any machine, something horrible happens).

So AT gets fixed, BT gets done extra early. I start working on AT's site and got a nice new layout for it. I even updated Kaerwyn's comic. So everything is going fine until I go to do dishes. I decided to do them early for some reason, but when I emptied from the last load of dishes, I noticed water was pooling at the bottom. No problem, not the first time it's flooded. I dump in the draino, like last time, and wait. Twenty minutes later I run the dishwasher. Suds start pouring out the bottom. "Oh shit" I thought, and ran to turn it off. Cleaned up the mess, waited an hour. Called Bow, asked for manly advice. He said try to run it again. Did, same problem. Clean up, call Bow. He says leave it for a while, then run it again. Okay, waited another hour and a half, run it, floods again. Clean up, call Bow, he says we'll just hafta call the apartment manager tomorrow and get someone out here. Joy.

So I start to clean up the kitchen and the pile of dishes that magically amassed in two days (since I did the last round of dishes). At least Bow was kind enough to go get some McD's breakfast instead of making me make dinner tonight. It was very sweet of him.

In addition to all that, some jackass on BT's forum made a poor attempt to bitch me out. The dishwasher really made his case pale in comparison on the 'care' scale. But I had some fun bitching him out. Wankmaster must be pissed off cuz BT isn't giving him anything to jack off too.

Ah well, here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

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