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Kitchen Hijinks

Went to bed at 8am EST. Woke up at 11:30am EST. Got up at 12:30am EST. Why? Well I had to blow my nose cuz the snot was threatening to purge itself under gravity's masterful power. For some reason when I blow my nose, Bow immediately rolls onto his back and starts snoring. I have no idea why. It's like a preprogrammed revenge response. I know that's not true (I love you matemate :). So I do my little wiggle dance that usually makes him roll over without waking up. It works, and he's not snoring anymore. I'm about ready to drift off to sleep when I hear the ear piercing squeakwhine of oppressed canine incarceration. Once this noise starts, it will not stop for hours, no matter what you do. Bobo can't hear real well anymore, so I can't yell out his name to make him stop. He's in the cage, so it's difficult for me to give him the stern pat of disobedience. He can't see really well either, which is why we started putting a sheet over his cage (like a parrot) to make him think we're sleeping at night time, and to hopefully keep him from seeing us when we need to get up (like to blow my nose). Unfortunately there was a little corner of the cage that wasn't covered, so he laid there, as if longing for the unreachable light, and WHINED INCESSSANTLY.

So we drag our asses out of bed and I suggest that Bow give the Apartment manager a call so they'll come look at the dishwasher. So he calls, they said "We'll get someone there within 24 hours." Right, last time I heard that, they literally got there after exactly 24 hours worth of sand has passed diligently through the hourglass of excruciatingly prolonged reality. Anyway, Bow, being as dissastisfied with this answer as I was, actually ran the washer again to see if maybe the draino did it's job. Lo and behold, it works. Apparently in order to fix the ornary dishwasher, it requires a ritual of cleaning the kitchen and all the dirty dishes, and concludes with the dominant male of the household to sacrifice a few minutes to poke, prod, and turn a dial.

Well miracles of miracles, the maintainance man shows up right and proper about two hours later. Naturally, in accordance with Murphy's Law, he would show up at the most inconvenient moment -after- the problem has been righted. We get him to look at the thing anyway because the "filter" was missing. He informs us that this model didn't come with a filter.


So we inform him that something is wrong with our stovetop (one of the burners is out) and he said he'd look into it. So we might be able to get that fixed too, it wasn't really a big deal not having it, and we were afraid they'd charge us for it. But whatever.

So Bow and I decide to go over to Best Buy and use up the gift certificates he got for 'rewards' for his credit card or whatever, and we picked up a new microwave. My current one was a dorm-warming present that my parents got me 10 years ago when I left for NCSU. Needless to say, for a cheap old microwave, it sure lived a good long life. But for the past year, it hasn't worked very well at all, sometimes it would burn food (And by burn I mean "nuke") or it wouldn't cook food at all (based on comparitive studies of Stouffer's Mac 'n' Cheese and various Campbell Soups). I won't even go into the atrocity of the popcorn (Thank god we have an air popper now).

The current one is really spiff. Instead of buttons for time, it's got a dial. So retro it's -cool-. And best of all, it has a built in toaster, big enough for bagels. Rock on. Our old toaster, the $10 kind you can get at walmart, just sucked totally. Not to mention, at the old place with the mouse problem, the stupid mice chewed into the cord in several places. So I was always kind of fearful of using it, even though Bow taped it all up. I also really didn't like the idea of the mice walking through the toaster (Even though I tried to keep a cap of aluminum foil on it.) But we all know how cunning mice are when it comes to their crumbs.

So now you might be wondering why I selected "worried" on my mood. Since we didn't get much sleep today, I promised I'd call Bow tonight and keep him company, if not physically, then orally. Well he forgot his phone. I feel trapped 'n' stuff, being unable to call him. It's a horrible feeling. And I'm worried he's going to fall asleep behind the wheel, or something horrible is going to happen and he won't have his phone to call for help. :(

Just a few more hours and he should be home though. <:{ And then I get to make Italian Chicken and Rice. Hmm. I should put that recipe on my art journal.

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