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You know, something interesting happened today, something that really opened my eyes to some of the problems of the world.

Those that demand respect rarely give it.

I'm not going to name names, or get into any serious details here, but an argument broke out today on my land on Secondlife. Yes it's just a silly chat, but not so silly things can happen on it. But let's talk about respect for a moment here.

Respect is earned, yes? In most cases, yes. Respect for one's intelligence and integrity is definitely earned over time. Respect for one's beliefs and ideas are earned over time as well. Respect to people's privacy and respect to other people's tolerance and rules should be a given - when you are on their property or chat, or otherwise under their rules.

When I was in the furry section of SL, I didn't complain about seeing genitalia for sale. I didn't bitch people out for having hard-ons while they danced. I didn't say a word. Why? I was in their territory, and I was under their rules. I also expected as much. You don't go into the lion's den and bitch when the lions bite you. So I turned my head and walked away from anything that might have offended me, that or I simply left. I am disgusted by many of the things I saw in the Forest, but I respected their right to do as they please, and I respected their rules.

So I'm at "my property", which in the game is just an area of land that you pay per month to own and do with as you please. I'm trying to install a waterfall, so I"m not really paying attention to the conversation. There were about 5 or 6 others on my land. One person showed up, and he's got a naked wolf avatar with 'bits' and was showing pink (if you know what I mean). Several people hinted that he might want to at least cover them up. He either wasn't paying attention, or didn't care. Another user then bluntly stated "Put some damn pants on" or similar. Now I wasn't paying attention to this at all, but it was in my chat buffer since I was there. I just didn't read it until after the fact.

Now this user chose to leave. Fine, I hate having people take off in a fit, but frankly, I don't want to see that on my land, the one place where I can at least dictate "don't do that here." Another user decided to make a big stink about it, but he did leave. He just had a conversation with my mate, so I got to see the convo as well.

The thing that bothered me the most is that they demand we respect their right to display themselves as they please. Fine, I do that, when I'm in the Forest. But when it comes time to respect MY WISHES, they REFUSE to give it. That's what's got me folks. You don't like it? Fine, leave, turn the other asscheek and walk away. Don't you damn dare tell me to respect their rights when you BLATANTLY ignore mine.

Don't tell me they're trying to be a 'realistic werewolf' when we all know what one wolf does to intruders on their property. I guess the others were simply acting like the wolves they were pretending to be too, huh?

I don't give a damn what other people think they should be able to do. You want to wear a big wolf cock all day long? Fine, just don't do it on my space. If you want to hang out with me, take it off, I don't want to see it. If we're in the Forest, I'll respect your right to wear the damn thing, but please understand that you're NOT respecting me when I tell you it makes ME uncomfortable - and then you proceed to bitch about how I'm not respecting YOU.

We are NOT the bad guys here and we are NOT trying to make a stink against gays, or furries, or anyone else. If a naked human guy or a naked human female walked onto the property, I would have had the SAME reaction. It's just that furries are more prone to doing this, as evidenced by what goes on in the Forest. I will grant them that SL is full of sex and sexual stuff, it's not -just- the Furries. But I don't care who it is, I -don't- want to see it.

I'll respect your opinions when you finally respect mine.

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