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I realize that I'm distancing myself from a lot of stuff lately, and not good timing for some projects. I wish I had more time in a day. I wish I had the free time everyone thinks
I have. Oh well.

I -have- been spending a lot of time on secondlife, but not for the usual reason people go. I haven't really met many people, I haven't done much chatting. I have been building. SL is more like another graphics program I can play with than anything else. And then I can sell my creations in-game and make money to buy more fun stuff - that I'll never use. But right now all my money is going to buying a big chunk of land.

BBBUUUTTTT for those of you that might play SL, I have some avatars and other stuff up for sale. right now, not much, just a black wolf and a grey wolf, in male and female sets. They're a lot more realistic than some of the other avatars running around, and they also use the human eyes, so you can customize the eyes moreso than any of the others. I made a special set of wolf eyes that are in the same vendor as the wolf avatars. You can find them in the Forest store, on the third floor. The avs are $400L each, which is also much less than some of the other avs available. (They also come with digitigrade legs).

Here's a close up of the black female wolf with blue eyes:
Click for a bigger pic

Okay, want to know why I'm buying the land?


Yes, I'm building the Kaerwyn Tavern. And I'd like to find a place to set it down somewhere.

It's rather large as you can see.

Can't wait to see it finished :)
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