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Weeee Updates

Yeah, haven't updated in a while. I suck. Like many Americans, I've been following the Schiavo case. It's pretty interesting. In another day and age, this would have started new legislation to legalize assisted suicide for terminal patients. Unfortunately the amoral christian right, that's never going to happen. Instead, it appears that they're going to tromp all over our rights, deny the judicial system, and decide that in some cases it's okay to go past state run government and leave it to the feds. We call this "hypocrisy". The more I read about this the more my hatred seeths for Christianity and the bullshit consistantly spewing from it's so called, self proclaimed "Followers". Disclaimer: Again, I know not all Christians are this way. Many are not psycho nut jobs that have to stick their noses where it doesn't belong and push their hypocritical pseudomorals on everyone else. I feel for your people I really do.

One thing that really annoys me is that all these psycho nutjob Christians that are (beside blaming everyone for everything under the sun like good little judges which is a sin by the way) bitching about Schiavo being "murdered" -> Not one of them gives two shits about the STARVING PEOPLE OF THIS NATION who would infact HAVE A CHANCE AT RECOVERY if someone TOOK THE TIME TO GIVE THEM SOME ASSISTANCE. So that being said -> Go help people that can actually get better you stupid fucking wannabe christian hypocrites. You people think you have morals? Try proving it.

And to Dubya, I have one thing to say to you sir, who rushed from his Ranch in Texas (Something 9/11 and a Tsunami didn't manage to do) to sign this bullshit bill -> SUN HUDSON.

Now, on a more pleasant note:

I have made lots of new avatars for SL. Yay, it's so much fun. Here's some of the recents:

My Coyote Avatar

My Tiggeh, and Stealth in the background wearing my Lion Av.

I've also made some bear avs, but I don't have any screenies of them. All of those are currently for sale in my vendor (Third floor of the Forest store, right behind the hole in the ceiling) for $400L. Tonight I'm going to make some leopard avatars (Black, tawny and snow) and then some foxes. I've gotten a request for a deer av so I'll be working on that as well, but probably later in the week.

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