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Another Contraversial Post

First: Finally poor Schiavo has died. Again I say this issue should bring up support for legalizing euthenasia for terminally ill (or whatever PC term) patients. People shouldn't be starved to death. In this case, I doubt Schiavo felt the pangs of hunger, but it was agonizing for all the people around her.

Secondly - The pope is sick. I read on CNN the following: The 84-year-old pope suffers from a number of chronic illnesses, including crippling hip and knee ailments and Parkinson's disease.

Ya ever think God might be trying to tell him something? The pope pissed me off a few months ago when he tried to get into the political foray (maybe not intentionally) by declaring homosexuals as "Evil". You know, the bible is good 'n' all, and a great moral storybook, but you can't go around calling people 'evil' based on a line in the bible. "Good" and "evil" should be judged on the intentions and actions towards fellow man. If a homosexual raped someone, then yes they're probably evil. If two consenting homosexual adults are getting it on, I don't think that's "evil" - I think that's a lifestyle choice. I think the pope forgot "Judge not lest ye be judged".

And now I Have to wonder if the pope likes shellfish. If you do you're EVIL!! It says so right in the bible!

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