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Well last week was nice. I got to clear my head of BT and now I'm raring to go again. I wrote down a couple of pages worth of script for it and Crimson Fury. Unfortunately we didn't get time to hack the Kaerwyn logs into a usable script. Oh well. I got a few CF's done, and I hope to do another this week to keep on schedule. Bow and I also worked on the first Issue of the "Delta Project" (Title tentative). That's my subscription based comic that will pander to TF fans and Furries. We're thinking about naming it "Loose Change" but the name is a little sillier than I'd like for this project - which will have the same story standards as Black Tapestries and Crimson Fury.

This weekend we met up with a 'net friend for the first time and went to the mall. Bow was looking at getting a set of Craftsman tools that were on sale, but he decided not to at the last minute. We hit a few stores while we were there, and I came across the McFarlane Dragons. I bought two of them, I couldn't resist. Got the Komodo and the Water dragons. They're really cool.

We were worried that we'd scare our mutual friend away, since he's both Conservative Republican and Christian. And we're Liberal atheistic therianthropes. Thankfully he's not a right wing nut job. We seemed to get along well enough. One day we'll hafta get back together, rent movies, and bitch about the idiocy of Kaerwyn RP.

I'm actually having fun lately playing a spirit guide/god on Kaerwyn. His presence is actually a good thing, as he's preventing the townspeople from suffering from such things as "The Harvest" (What we call the plots that end up killing/destroying half the town and it's people), and he's providing miniplots by putting characters in weird situations that they have to 'learn a lesson' to get out of it. Yes, I'm playing the Coyote spirit who I named "El Diablobo". Needless to say, my presence on Second Life has taken a backseat to Kaerwyn (This is a good thing). I've been neglecting Kaerwyn too much lately.

Bow has been into this health kick lately and taking the dogs for walks around the block before work. He took me last night, and despite being attacked by the monthly friend, I did a pretty good job. Then later, while waiting on the wash, we worked out for about 45 minutes. I didn't do much more than ride the bike for 30 minutes and then did a little upper body weightlifting. Needless to say, I slept well.

Now, I'm going to get BT done early by coloring Wednesday's comic tonight, and maybe working on CF tomorrow, which will update tomorrow for you donators. Everyone else has to wait til Friday. Not that it matters, since the donators are a few pages ahead of the public site.

All for now.

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