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Furry Art vs Were Art

You know I'm sitting here thinking about what to do for the next few issues of BT, and I was cruising VCL for inspiration. Now a few years ago if you looked for "were art" you only found a few artists who were in the "were" community that called themselves WereArtists as opposed to FurryArtists. They did this because they weren't active in the furry community, despite the content of their work, myself included.

Now granted, Furry artists have been drawing "classic" werecreatures for years, yeah, remember when WereCreatures used to shift? I do, they were the feral kind, and mostly linked with Garou and other RPGs. Now-a-days, Were art has turned into a sub-genre of furry art. I think that's the beef with a lot of weres lately, and I think that's why Furries no longer see the difference between themselves and weres.

Because now, Weres are "native" style furries. Weres also look like they don't shapeshift anymore. Weres have stupid genre rules they have to follow, like digitigrade, obligatory feather, loincloth. Wtf is up with this? I used to draw the native stuff too, don't get me wrong, but I didn't realize I was riding the same tsunami as everyone else. But anyway, back to the point, "Weres" in art are nothing more than Furries who mostly rejected humanity and human conveniences for the native/tribal way of life. That's all. It used to be that WereArt was drawn by real people, who believed they were "enter animal here". Unlike many furries, Weres were who and what they are when the computer was off, good times and bad, it wasn't something you had control over, it wasn't something you picked, it was something you just were.

But now it's just a native style subgenre of furry. Nice. What happened to the most simplistic of definitions? Were Art would be a visual representation of a werecreature. And classically, there were no anthropomorphic werecreatures running around. Werewolves for example were told in legend to be men who changed into wolves, NOT bipedal digitigrade wolves, but regular WOLVES. And if we want to get picky on the details, wouldn't tr00 w3r3 4r+ only be pictures of a guy (or gal) during the change to an animal? (Also known as TF Art). I mean, come on guys, if we're going to be anal about art, let's go all the way!

Of course now I'm thinking of those, the proud, the few, the ignorant, that tell me Lore can't be a werefox because when she shifts she still "Speaks the human tongue," has hair, can hold weapons, and wears clothes. Open your eyes people, she's a werefox because she's a HUMAN that turns into a FOX. I think that's the #1 requirement for being a WERECREATURE isn't it? Being the ability to shapeshift from one form to another.

In other news I doodled this last night when I was on the phone. Lorelei and that wolfguy from BT.

That is all.

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