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Political Ponderings...

I'm sitting here reading some political debate forums, and I can't help but snicker at some of the points brought up. People are teh funneh, no matter their political orientation.

In any case, some of the points: (Some of these are state based btw, so they may not apply in your states)

A lot of People that are anti-abortion:

1. Are for the death penalty.

2. Constantly promote tobacco and refuse to do anything that would harm the tobacco industry.

3. Are against affordable universal health care.

4. Decreased funding to the educational system.

5. Against a NC lotto that would bring needed funds to the educational system (Despite the fact that $300million dollars are being spent out of state in other lottos)

6. Complain the Social Security funds are running out (Due to baby boomers getting old).

7. Support the Iraq War.

8. Didn't care about Sun Hudson.

-A lot People that are against gay marriage:

1. Forget that the people of the past held the exact same views about interracial marriage.

2. Claim that marriage is sacred but participate in divorces.

3. Have no logical reason to support a ban on gay marriage.

4. Are unconstitutional (The same ones that scream about everyone else being unconstitutional)

5. Are ignorant to the legal facts about marriage.

6. Don't want gays to fight in the Iraq War.

-Republicans that tell others to stop whining about the Government:

1. Call those whiners unconstitutional and unpatriotic

2. Are whining themselves.

3. Are unconstitutional for telling people to stop exercising THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION

4. Are stupid.

5. Are the same ones that whine when their own party doublecrosses them.

Sometimes I look at the differences between Republicans and Democrats, and I have to wonder, WHY the FUCK am I a democrat!? It's obvious that democrats are the ones that care about humanity and other people, and republicans don't give a flying fuck about anyone but people that agree with them (or have lots of money). I hate people! People are stupid! People are sheep! And yet I'm a democrat, someone of a political viewpoint that believes people should be given fundamental rights and control their own lives. Oh, maybe that's it. Deep down I know if they control their own lives, then they'll end up killing themselves somehow. Republicans, on the other hand, want to control people's lives for them - and that keeps them alive. Sun Hudson vs Terri Schiavo, FIGHT.

As a selfish, greedy, misanthrope, you'd think I'd naturally be a Republican. Oh wait, no, Republicans refuse to admit that they're selfish, greedy, misanthropes and hide behind the bible to project a fake, but "good little Christian" image. As Jesus himself said (Which would be considered a hit and run on internet chats) Forgive them, they know not what they do. Apologies to the actual good little Christians reading this.

And now I must do something that staunch Republicans would never do: Apologies to anyone I might have offended.

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