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TO was supposed to be hit by a troll invasion, from this other forum where their people target a forum, pull shit and see how long it takes to get banned.

I grossly overestimated them. I expected a troll invasion like we had the first year the forums were up - I think there was about 5-10 of them. That may not seem like much, but when you have that many people posting gibberish all over the forum, with no mod on, it can add up quick.

Anyway, I banned two of them as soon as they signed up. I expected more to come on while I was asleep and really trash the forums. Only one showed up so far and posted. Only one. What do I have to do to get a little attention? Don't these people know they're my entertainment?? How am I supposed to ridicule them if they don't post anything?! Then I realized it was only, like, 3 people doing it. Lo and behold, I've banned three of them. What a waste.

Although, it's really amusing reading their forum, they're blaming each other for ratting them out. Stupidest trolls evar.

I checked their IPs and they are infact in Japan. I'm very disappointed. I had some great insults all lined up that will now go to waste. Such as:
"Why don't you go back to Usenet where you actually have some impact" And "Wow, we really fucked you guys up."
Or when someone asks the inevitable "Why are they doing this?" I can reply with "It's the Radiation."

How dare they ruin my fun by not posting.

Not to mention, I only got an hours sleep last night due to my sinuses trying to DROWN ME IN MY SLEEP. So now I'm extra cranky.

Oh well, at least there's never a shortage of idiots to ridicule.

No offense to anyone reading this from Japan. I am an equal opportunity offender afterall.

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