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Looks like it's time to take another break.

I need to distance myself from the forums for a while and consider some of the things I've been saying, and some of the things other people have been saying. Due to my lack of sleep and sinus problems, I've been getting more and more snippy with the users, and they just don't deserve that. Compound it with a troll invasion, and it just goes to hell in a handbasket. I'll keep watching the forums to make sure none of the trolls are causing problems, but I probably won't post.

I've already decided a go-for-launch for the new term for therians that are describing a type of therianthropy that's similar, but not contherianthropy. I believe there's a significant number of them, with very similar experiences, to warrent the addition of a new term. This is always the way we've added terms in the past. None of the others were added for shits and giggles or based on a single person's therianthropy. And as always the disclaimers will always apply. No one will ever be forced to use the terms, not even on the Awereness forums (Which are the forums for Shifters.Org).

I'll be reading over the old posts concerning people of this 'new type' of therianthropy. My husband thinks he fits that term as well, and I believe I might as far as my human-wolf therianthropy goes. So I might have some first hand 'help' with making this new term. I'd like to point out that the term is new, but the type of therianthropy isn't. We're just giving recognition to another 'common' and observable phenomenon in the community.

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