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I hate doctors

They either don't know what you have, or agree with your self-diagnosis. Either way, they make you wait, for over an hour, even though you have an appointment... spend 15 minutes agreeing with you, and then charge you $105 for your trouble. $105?!? and they had "Routine visit" checked on the sheet. Fuck, did I go to the wrong doctor or what?

He also surmised that I have typical allergies, and suggested I get Alegra or Flonase, but warned that both were extremely expensive. He told me to keep taking my OTC stuff. Well that's a relief, I was worried that I was taking too much of that crap. Thankfully he gave me a prescription for pills that only cost $20. As opposed to the $130 last time. He originally wrote down Augmentin for the antibiotics, but when I Told him I didn't have health insurance, he changed it to a cheaper generic drug.

Getting older sucks.

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