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I was bored. After another "Were vs Furry" and term fight on another forum, I went dictionary.com crazy. One of the reasons I'm so uppity about all this is the terms, really, people making stupid terms for things that don't even apply to them. "Were" for animals that reject their humanity, "Furry" because they have fur, even though they all don't, "Scalie" for this and "Feather" for that, and ugh.

Oh and weres don't need to shapeshift! That's just silly!

When I look up the word "Were" I sure as hell don't find anything related to the currently used online definition. Why? Because it's short for werecreature. Now let's get anal. From Dictionary.com:

were·wolf also wer·wolf ( P ) Pronunciation Key (wârwlf, wîr-, wûr-)
n. A person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming the form of a wolf.

Word History: The wolf in werewolf is current English; the were is not. Werewulf, “werewolf,” occurs only once in Old English, about the year 1000, in the laws of King Canute: “lest the madly ravenous werewolf too savagely tear or devour too much from a godly flock.” The wer- or were- in wer(e)wulf means “man” it is related to Latin vir with the same meaning, the source of virile and virility. Both the Germanic and the Latin words derive from Indo-European *wro-, “man.” Wer- also appears, though much disguised, in the word world. World is first recorded (written wiaralde) in Old English in a charter dated 832; the form worold occurs in Beowulf. The Old English forms come from Germanic *wer-ald-, “were-eld” or “man-age.” The transfer of meaning from the age of humans to the place where they live has a parallel in the Latin word saeculum, “age, generation, lifetime,” later “world.”

Note that "were" means man. How fucking stupid are people to call "were" art the art of creatures that reject their humanity when "were" means man. STUPID!

werewolf: \Were"wolf`\, n.; pl. Werewolves. [AS. werwulf; wer a man + wulf a wolf; cf. G. w["a]rwolf, w["a]hrwolf, wehrwolf, a werewolf, MHG. werwolf. [root]285. See Were a man, and Wolf, and cf. Virile, World.] A person transformed into a wolf in form and appetite, either temporarily or permanently, whether by supernatural influences, by witchcraft, or voluntarily; a lycanthrope. Belief in werewolves, formerly general, is not now extinct.

Were... Wolf... Were... Tiger... Were... Dragon.... Manwolf... mantiger... mandragon.... the root terms give it away... really.

No, weres don't need to shapeshift, even though that's what the bedamned word means. Were is just a subgenre of furry art. So as long as you're in the Furry community, it's okay to use this inane terminology.

Argument of semantics.. but whatever.

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