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Not much going on this week. Just trying to get over my sickness. Been okay for the most part. Still been bitchy. I blame the drugs ;)

Shadowsmyst and I discussed ArtTorrent some and we're going to plug away at that complicated-as-all-hell gallery engine later. We've decided to start simple and work our way up as people start to use it and sign up for accounts. We were kind of stalled on some of the complexitiy of both the script and the category setup. Might as well get it up and running and add to it later. Otherwise the whole project has just be stalled way too long.

I've decided to try and sell some ad space on BT for some additional income. Since BT gets an average of 100,000 hits, I thought it might actually work. I've gotten a few people interested so far. This would be great for BT's general demographic - furries, artwork, fantasy fans, etc. I think it might help to get some artists some exposure and such as well. Hey it couldn't hurt right? The ads would be small, and wouldn't be obnoxious or intrusive. And of course I'd have to approve the ads before they went on the site.

Oh and to the furries reading my journal, you'll be happy to know that a "human" avatar in SL was wearing a 2meter long dong the other day and running around our property. So it just goes to show that not all pervs are furries, and of course, not all furries are pervs <- Yes, this was a given, especially with all the furries I have on my friends list - which I thank you guys for not showing a lot of stereotypical material in your journals or hiding it behind a LJ cut.

All For Now.

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