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Anyone know mysql?

Update: Stickman and Zetawoof got it fixed for me. Mucho thanks guys :)


And I mean knows it, not halfassedly knows it, or "worked with it before". I need someone that actually knows what they're doing without having to consult the manual a bunch of times. The Keenshift forums fucked themselves again when the machine crashed. I dunno how to fix it this time.

I've got a backup of the forums, but it doesn't do me a shitting bit of good when I can't get to the admin page. I'm willing to do a fresh install of phpbb, but I can't remember how to make the databases 'n' stuff. Can someone help me out here?

And if you want to see what error messages it's throwing: http://www.shifters.org/keenshift

You can contact me via email: jakkal at kaerwyn dot com or look for me on IRC on irc.shifters.org (amazingly, it still works) as "Jakkal". I should be on all day.

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