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Yes! Let it pass, PLEASE!


Check it out, NC is considering a smoking ban in public restaurants. I so hope it passes. No offense to smokers reading this, but the last thing I want to smell while I'm eating is your disgusting, filthy habit. I'm extremely allergic to second hand smoke, so your right to 'choose' to smoke completely voids my right to choose to eat. That in itself shouldn't be allowed. I know I'm not alone. I'd be fine with smoking in restaurants if they had something more than a little sign dividing it. Basic logic tells you that high contentrations of things move to where there's a low concentration - IOW, smoke wafts from the smoking section to the nonsmoking section. If they want to make a smoking section with a physical barrier that keeps most of the smoke out, I'm totally fine with that. But right now, that doesn't work. I can't tell you how many times we've had to ask for another seat because the guy behind us is puffing away "in the smoking section".

So fucking annoying. "Smoker's Rights" advocates are more annoying that the religious reich.

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