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Okay, I'm waiting for Bow...

To work on the truck so we can leave for a car show. I'm reading about how the GOP want's to stop fillibusters, one of the checks and balances, in the Senate - for the Judicial Nominees. Apparently the GOP thinks that a "majority in the Senate" should rule the roost. The problem is, the majority of people in the senate, the GOP, are not voting for who they think are right, they're voting loyal to party. The biggest problem, is that a Senator -should not be- loyal to party, but of people. There is a majority of Republicans in the Senate, so they think they should be able to elect any of these supreme court judges that they want. However, they are neglecting the people, whom they represent, when they vote loyal to party. That is why the democrats want to fillibuster - they do not believe these judges represent the 'maintstream'. The democrats want fair and unbiased judges. The Republicans want judges that support their causes. The -people- of the US want judges to be fair and unbiased. Republican majority != public majority.

I just hope that they don't get rid of the time old tradition of the fillibuster for their selfish needs. But If they do, I hope it bites them in the ass when the sheeple of this country see what the republican reich is doing to our country, and vote democratic/independant/other in the future.


In other news, my jaw has swollen up again. It started a couple of days ago, after I took some aleve sinus meds. The pain in my jaw was so bad yesterday that I Took a shitload more aleve. Well, I just happened to be reading the warning label last night, wondering WTF my jaw was swelling up... LO AND BEHOLD... painful facial swelling is an "Allergic Reaction" side effect to Aleve. -.-

So now I get to try to make it through the day without taking any painkillers, and hope the swelling goes down. WTF is wrong with my body this year? I've been perpetually sick all year. I haven't been to the doc since '95 before this year. I guess I had it coming.

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