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Excuse me while I shit myself.

I just got word through the grapevine that the Zelda 2005 name and logo have been released. I'm not sure if this is official or not, but supposedly it's from the E3, which I believe starts tomorrow. I guess we'll have more realiable info tomorrow.

Well here's what I've got so far folks:

Yes, that is a wolf. Yes, that is the title. "Twilight Princess".

Remember that wolf at the end of the trailer that everyone was wondering about. Could it be...?

There's some info here: http://www.cube-europe.com/news.php?nid=7768

And yes, I'm aware this could all be a joke, or a prank, or some people trying to steal the spotlight. But one can hope. If this info is true, there's a really good chance that Zelda, or maybe another character, is a werewolf. I hope we get more official info from the E3 soon.

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