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Website madness.

Thanks to all you guys that replied to my last post. I'll keep your suggestions into consideration. I think for now we'll be going with brownleopard's dealie. I'm hoping to get everything moved over there as soon as everything is set up.

But enough about that. I just found out what keenspace is changing it's name to ...



WTF?!? Toonspace?? That's like an insult to any serious work on there. Verily "Toon" implies "Drawn" but it mostly implies "Animation", or if not Animation, then it implies the 'daily', humorous, kiddy style of drawing. BT is not a "Toon". I'll probably stay on keenspace, just because I can hide the hideousy of the name under the Blacktapestries.com domain.

Now I have no idea what we're going to rename Keenshift...

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