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Man, you can tell School's out for the summer...

The drama count has gone up exponentially. Lots of people seem to be getting trolled it seems. Always fun. Just remember if you can get an IP, you can usually report them to some ISP as a TOS violation. That'll peessss 'em off! Thankfully I've been avoiding drama by ignoring it. Sometimes it's good to be obscure.

I finally got an ad management system up on my site, so now I can start selling ad space when I make a TOS of my own. That's going to be the equivalent to having a kidney stone take a merry little trip down yon pisser tube "most fun".

Keenspace is apparently looking into making optional URL's for sites. Why not just keep it keenspace? Oh well. At least we won't be stuck with "toonspace". In other news, SM and I have big plans for Keenshift :)

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