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So close, yet so far.

Since we were so close to the Chevrolet dealer yesterday when we went to Triangle Town Centre, we decided to stop by there and take a peek at their inventory. Well, at first we didn't really see anything other than an absolutely perfect, and gorgeous 2005 Avalanche LT. It was sporting a new GM color called "Bermuda Blue" that is actually one of those blue/green colorphasing paints. Beautiful, I loved it. I want to paint out truck that color now.

Well going back through the lot, a certain tall blue truck caught my attention. I was immediately drawn to it. Yes, it was a 2000 S10 ZR2, the perfect indigo color, extended cab, grey interior, bed liner, and sliding rear window.

I thought long and hard about that truck all the way home, and I told Bow I wanted to trade our truck in for it. Yeah, I was willing to trade the 2001 Silverado LT for a small, less optioned, less valued little Zr2... because it was a ZR2. Illogical, but there's nothing logical about one's desires.

Anyway, we went back today to seriously discuss it with the dealer. Now, I'm a fatalist, so when we got to the dealership, I assumed that fate was informing me that this just wasn't 'meant' to be. Yeah, the dealership was closed. Normally they're all open and all over you - holiday, sunday, or not. Today they were closed without any notice. We went to take a peak at the S10 in the daylight, and lo and behold, the bottom was covered in rust.

It was gorgeous, it had lower miles than the silverado, it's a ZR2 - my dream truck - but it was not meant to be. I wasn't really interested after I saw the rust. When I looked at the interior, my heart kind of sank as well. I wasn't interested, and I don't think I'll EVER be interested in getting rid of the Silverado for a ZR2. If I am to ever get one, it will have to be alongside the Silverado, or at a time when we no longer have the Silverado.

Now that Avalanche on the other hand... That would be a contender.

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