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Well my RAM came in and the machine is running MUCH faster, and much smoother than before. So definitely, it was the RAM That took a shit on me. Though we aren't sure if it was one of the chips or both. I'm considering selling them for really cheap just to see if anyone would want them. Anyone want two 512 sticks of DDR (not sure the kind) for $25? One of them is probably still good considering my system still ran, and still ran heavy programs like Photoshop (And sometimes Secondlife).

But if no one wants them, I might toss them or see if an animal rescue group could use them.

I've got the new scanner hooked up as well. I haven't tested it out yet, but it's lots bigger than my old scanner, which really isn't a big deal (But I really liked how compact the last one was).

I hopped on SL today to see what was going on with The Forest. Last night my vendors were returned to me and I went to check it out, apparently one of the officers went apeshit and deleted everything on it. Considering the administration made some extremely poor choices after Spade sold it, I'm REALLY not surprised one bit. When I got there last night, the entire sim was a desert, literally. Today they covered it up with trees, but someone went through and put a bunch of large 'campfire' objects all over the trees. Looked like a Forest Fire, it was pretty damn funny.

I also discovered the Furnation sim. It's a lot better than the forest, at least in my opinion. The buildings they have are gorgeous, some of the best I've ever seen on SL. They have common sense rules about the sexuality (Great for people like me that will tolerate their right to have it, but won't tolerate the over-the-top stuff). They also have a "roped off" adult area. Great idea guys.

Some of the guys that help run the Furnation sim let me put my vendors up in their mall, even though I guess they haven't finalized their plans yet. But that's awesome and I can keep selling my avs while the Forest store is caput. You guys should really go check out the Furnation Sim, you can find it by searching for "Furnation" in the "places" tab.

Also I've decided to put up a website with SL stuff on it. Since I've had a Furnation account since 1997, I decided to use it. So my stuff is at http://furnation.com/Jakkal . I haven't had time to put anything on there yet, but I'll probably upload screenshots and of course, my avatars (More information and shots than I can put on my vendors).

All for now!

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