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Eagle Avatars

Well I got two eagle avatars done on SL and they're in all my vendors for sale. Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles. More info on them here: http://www.furnation.com/jakkal/eagleavs.html

But here's a pic of the golden:

Next on the list... GRYPHONS! Since I already have cat avatars done, and I've got the eagles done, I've decided to work the two together to form gryphon avs :) Note, these guys aren't done yet, so they aren't available in my Vendors.

Rear View:

Note: I redid the tails already, with the feathers all around the top part and on the ass. I just hadn't finished them yet when I took those screenies.

Black and White gryphon: http://drakkolupen.com/stuff/slss/gryphav4.jpg

Tiger Gryphon: http://drakkolupen.com/stuff/slss/tiggehgriffeh.jpg

More info on my other avs and where you can buy them in SecondLife: http://www.furnation.com/Jakkal

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