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Yesterday, with some help from Tharkis, we figured out how to work the script that makes wings expand and contract on flight/landing in SL. It's so fucking awesome! :D I spent most of last night reworking the dragon wings so that they have an extended version now. I'll be offering upgrades to people who have bought the dragon avs.

It's really cool seeing their wings stick out when you take off. Now I need to make a retracted version of the bird wings to do the same thing. The gryphon avs, which are pretty much done, will be 'on hold' til I get their retracted wings done and the script in place.


I'm trying to figure out if I should offer any other kinds of gryphon avs. I've got a lion-like one, a black and white one, a totally black one, and a tiger one. Don't really think I need any others. Guess I could do a lupogryph if anyone wanted one (Silverbolt anyone? :D)

My next big avatar project on SL: JP style Velociraptors (I say JP style cuz I know they are nothing like the "real" ones, but I'll need something about that size with those looks to make it work right).

All for now! Time to work on them avs!

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