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JP Flashbacks

Well I spent most of this weekend fighting working with various tools to get Raptor3d done. The first task was Poser. I needed to make the animations for the Raptor. This means I had to take a human avatar, bend it over, put the arms off to the sides 'n' curled 'n' stuff AND hope that this would work with a raptor. Yeah you have to use the human defaults to make these kind of things, and often the human defaults don't work well with animals. The four legged animations that Ben Linden created have the knees bending backwards. They don't look too bad when you hide the parts in the animal prims (primitive shapes) though.

Well after various struggles, and asking for a lot of help from people who know Poser, I finally got the animations I needed for Raptor3d. He runs, he jumps, he's cute...

He's m' lil cutey JP style* Raptor:

*I say JP style because I like the way they look and it would be easier for me to make than the various fur/feather covered kind, that and I don't feel like doing a lot of research to get the anatomy right... much like JP did :P

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