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Tempus Fugit

So many things can happen in just a year. On February 10th, 2002 we took our 95 Firebird Formula Convertible out to Walmart, skidded out on a turn, hit a tree, and came to a stop with the back end underwater in a swamp. Needless to say, the car didn't make it home. Thankfully all three of us walked away. Thank god for the firebird's 5 star safety rating.

In March of 2002, to replace the missing spot in our turbocharged hearts, we found a cuter, and much cheaper (in every way) 92 Sunbird SE Convertible on Ebay... And let me tell you, Ebay is a great place to get used cars for cheap. The downfall, you don't know what you're bidding on til you really get to see it in person. Anyway, this car was a little deathtrap, but I loved it anyway. I used it as a route vehicle for my delivery job last year. Nothing's more fun than driving 120 miles a day in a cute little convertible! Unfortunately the car had major electrical problems. In September of 2002, after replacing the Alternator twice (yay for warrentees) as well as the power windows refusing to work properly, we put it back on Ebay and off it went for about the same price we paid for it.

Now, March 2003, to replace the hole left by the defunct-but-cute-little sunbird, we found a 92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible on Ebay for 1/2 it's market price. The dealer that sold it was pretty pissed, but his loss, our gain. This car, which is also 1/4 of what the firebird cost us, is SOOOO much better than the firebird, and I'm not as freaked out over driving this. The seats also didn't give me stumpass on the 5 hr drive bringing it home. Hopefully this'll be the last car we buy for a long long time. Of course we said that about the firebird, but.. shit happens. I hope a similar fate never befalls this car.

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