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Raptory Goodness

Well, they're finished. Might need a little bit more testing, but they're done. I'm probably going to start selling them in my vendors this weekend. Yep, talking about my Velociraptors in SecondLife. Oh and FYI, SecondLife is giving out free accounts this week, Til Wednesday, so if you've been thinking about signing up and trying it out, now's a great time to start! It's hella fun.

In any case, here's the goods on the Raptor. (And I'm thinking about renaming them to something like Pseudoraptor cuz I really don't want to get nitpicked by Dino-fans who know this isn't what they're supposed to look like). Anyway... They're going to be no modify, sorry guys but I felt I needed to put my foot down with this one. They do have several pre-programmed color schemes that you can change on a whim. The body parts and the eyes are scripted to change color on command. It's pretty sweet. It also has it's own animation overrider, so you'll stay in Raptor position as long as the body is on.

Here's some pics (More behind the Cut).

And all those raptors are the same one, I just used the color change thingie on it.

All for now.

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