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Stupid Fucking Meme

*Shakes a fist at pardalupen*

The Game of Five.
~ People can only play when tagged
~ You can make up new questions, delete questions, add questions, or keep the same, whatever.
~ The people you tag must add one more than what you have

I was Tagged by: pardalupen

Five Different Places You'd Like To Visit:
~ Australia
~ Alaska
~ Caribbean
~ Upper Michigan
~ Hawaii

Five Amazing Things:
~ My Matemate :)
~ My Tolerance
~ Watching my tolerance explode
~ Especially on Newbies
~ Hurricanes

Five Things You Miss About Your Childhood:
~ Being Young :P
~ No Bills
~ Being able to eat anything without worrying about my figure or anything else.
~ High School
~ All my pets that are gone :(

Five Letters:
~ F
~ U
~ C
~ K
~ U

Five Movies/Books You Like: (Oh god... I don't like any movies or books anymore...)
~ Van Helsing
~ Aladdin (Always a personal fav)
~ What Dreams May Come
~ Pirates of the Caribbean
~ Star Trek: First Contact

Five Things You Are:
~ Therian
~ chick
~ Artist
~ Broke
~ Damn Dirty Democrat

Five TV Shows you Utterly Despise:
~ Any
~ Fucking
~ Reality
~ Situation
~ Show

Five Favorite Musical People/Groups You Enjoy:
~ Duran Duran
~ GodSmack
~ Offspring
~ Metallica (Old Metallica, not crappy new Metallica)
~ U2 (See comment from Metallica)

Five Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
~ Go SCUBA diving again
~ Whitewater Rafting
~ Restore an old Superbeetle Convertible
~ Get a Z2
~ Go on an Alaskan Cruise

Five Jobs You'd Like to Have: (all this is in referrence to one job for me)
~ Graphic Designer
~ Video Game Artist
~ Storyboard Writer
~ Those guys that clean Nuke plants and get shitloads for one day of work
~ Some kind of political job where I can be a paid, opinionated, idiot.

Five Things in Your Wallet:
~ SCUBA diver card
~ Driver's License
~ Check Card
~ A bunch of receipts that can't be read anymore
~ A noticable lack of funds

Five Most Recent CDs You Bought: (ripped you mean)
~ The Pure Moods collection
~ Classical music collection
~ Duran Duran's greatest hits
~ Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
~ Wolf's Rain Soundtrack

Name 5 Fictional Characters you have always felt that you relate to:
~ Lorelei the Drifter ;)
~ Data from Star Trek (He knows a whole lot, but can really come across as an idiot sometimes)
~ Alex Trebek (Okay he's not fictional, but his smarts are. It's easy to be a smartass when you have the answers right infront of you)
~ Spiderman (Deep down, he's just a twirp)
~ Buffy Summers (She's got all the power, but she whines too damn much)

Name Five Songs You've Had Stuck in Your Head Lately:
~ That fucking Banana Phone song
~ The music from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
~ Seether - Plastic Man
~ Billy Joel - The Longest Time
~ Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Retarded

Name Five Things You're Looking forward to in the next Month:
~ Potential Vacation (Cept not totally looking forward to it)
~ Spending time with the matemate
~ Going Drag Racing
~ The little brats around here going back to school
~ Working on BT stuffs

Five Things You'd Rather Be Doing than LJ-ing:
~ Arting
~ Figuring out animations in Second Life
~ Working on Avs in SecondLife
~ Role Playing
~ Working on Crimson Fury

Five things that are GREAT about America:
~ The freedom that gives morons the ability to bitch incessently.
~ Reminding said morons that if it weren't for this great country that they wouldn't have the rights to bitch incessently.
~ Just about every terrain type available without leaving the country!
~ Eastern Standard Time
~ We don't have nearly as many poisonous animals and weird man eating things as other countries!

Five Favorite Webcomics (Hey, if I have to take this stupid thing, I'm going to pimp myself out, damnit)
~ Black Tapestries http://www.blacktapestries.com
~ The Realm Of Kaerwyn http://comics.kaerwyn.com
~ Crimson Fury http://crimsonfury.keenspace.com
~ Shifters http://shifters.keenspace.com
~ Alpha Luna http://alphaluna.keenspace.com
(And don't forget SurrealKins http://surrealkins.keenspace.com )

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