Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


Okay I've started working on Hyenas for SL tonight. I havent' actually gotten anything done yet, just drawing up ideas. I'm not really sure how I'm going to make an anthro Hyena the way they have the neck arch 'n' stuff. I mean drawing it wouldn't be a problem, but working around the limited human avatar is going to prove a challenge. But I can't wait to make that fluffy mane >:D

I'm tempted to make a sheath for it, if only because females have them too. Yeah that's a little known fact about female 'yenas, one I like to bring up to our Kaerwyn RPers who play them mwaha.

I also finished a couple of horse avatars, Clydesdale and Shires. They're my tallest avs to date, both over 7ft tall. Woot. I'm working on a Gypsy Vanner version of the horse that's only 6'something.

Anywho, back to SLage.

Edit: It has begun, mwahah!

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