Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Vacations and Cameras

First - Happy belated B'day Guardian. I keep meaning to email you but you know how I am with emails :P

Well it looks like we're finally going up to the UP of MI. We'll be gone for a week. Hope I can live that long without access. I might be able to get on IRC with the laptop though. I really need a laptop powerful enough to run PS. But whatever.

I'm shopping for a new camera. Our old one died at the drag strip. It must have felt uber inferior to all the real machines out there. We need to go to best buy tomorrow anyway, so I'll be looking around for one there. Please don't bother telling me how best buy sucks and how everything costs more there. I know. But I want a camera before we leave and I'm willing to pay extra to have it immediately and not worry if It'll "be here in time".

So if anyone has any recommendations for cameras, lemme have it. I'd like to get something that doesn't have an awful delay between when I hit the button and when it takes the fucking shot (one thing I hated about the old one). I'd also like something that can handle objects in motion a little better. And something with a good zoom would be nice as well. I don't want to spend more than $300 on it.

Oh and for you SLers: Those Hyenas are up in the vendors. I've also been given a tentative list of species to work on in the near future: Thylacine, Maned wolf, Smilodon, Lynx, Goat, Deer, Cape Hunting dog and cheetah. I'll see what I can do with these. I'm thinking about working on the old avatars instead of making new ones. I've learned so much since I made the wolves and foxes, and I'd like to try redoing them.

All for now.

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