Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Weeeee RoadTrip!

Well we made it to Michigan okay. I just want all you people to know that CHICAGO SUCKS. On a Sunday it took us 2 hours to go what should have been a 20 minute drive. Every inch of Chicago was nothing but construction, and then the damn toll takers were SO SLOW that they caused a traffic jam, and they didn't have the automatic (throw the coins in the basket) tolltakers open. Idiots. And to Ohio - your roads are godawful, pave them for once.

Well anyway, we're here until Saturday, then we head home right after the wedding reception. Sucks, but Bow HAS to be back by Monday.

We are going to try to time it so we can visit Wolf Park on the way back down on Sunday. That would be awesome, as I've always wanted to go there, and we pass close to it on the way up.

All for now.

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