Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Well, we're back home...

We left Wisconsin at around noonish on Sunday, and got home at 7:30am or so Monday. Hell of a drive. Got trapped in Chicago again, even though we tried taking a different route, but no luck. I wish they had a larger bypass, we really hate going through there. We managed to get to Wolf Park at 4:30pm, and they close at 5pm. But one of the nice guys there took us on a little mini private tour. Very nice guy, and he had a cool accent (He was from Wales). On the whole trip I spent $180 on wolf stuff. I ares teh tr00 w3r3!

Anyway, we've been driving pretty much non-stop after the break at Wolf Park, so we're pretty tired. I'm gunna go hit the sack. I'll upload pics 'n' shit later today or tomorrow.


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