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Everyone's talking about it of course, and it just started not long ago. What are my feelings? Well I recognise the fact that Saddam had to be put down eventually. He's a fuckin' loon. I think Bush is a trigger happy madman though, using 9/11 as an excuse to break every rule in the book. I think he's also trying to live in his father's glory days by starting up what his father failed to do the first time around. I have no doubt that the US will win the war, but at what cost? Will the other nations spit on us after this? I think so. I think if Iraq had chemical and biological weapons, they're all gone now. Cuz if Saddam uses them, or we find them, it'll make him look bad. Get rid of them? Then we'll look bad. Must be nice for Bush, sending out hundreds of thousands of people to war while he gets to sit in his cushy little office and get the credit when it's over. I really hate the way he's doing this to "liberate Iraq." That's the biggest crock of bullshit I've ever heard. I guess in Texas "liberate" means "Kick their asses and then leave them with the mess."

Well I definately plan to vote in 2004.

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