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Time to get back in the groove...

Naturally the first thing I did when I got back was hop on SL. So very addicted. My entire screen was filled with PMs when I got on. Trying to keep up with them was VERY difficult, so I apologize if I missed someone in the confusion. At least 30 people PMed me, most of them wanted recolored skins/avatars and honestly I couldn't keep up.

Anyway if I didn't answer you guys, just PM me again and I'll try to clear it all up this week.

Now for what I've done in SL... I finally finished the wolf fountain infront of my store. Some people have asked if I'm going to sell it. The answer is yes. I'm also going to put some different animals on it so there will be a variety to choose from. I don't know how much I'll sell it for yet, probably $300-$500L. I don't expect them to sell very well, but 'what the fuck' right?

Here's a lovely pic, click it for the full sized pic:

And now, I'm not going to work on any new avatars. This week I'm going to work on making my old avatars look better. I've already redone the wolves and coyote. It's now time to update the foxes and cats.

All for now.

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