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Had a scare last night...

I didn't want to mention anything at the time because I'm superstitious and I didn't want to "Jynx myself". But anyway, while I was moving dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, I felt a little prick on my finger, and I thought it was a splinter from the wooden spatula that I picked up. Well, continue on with the dishes, and then I see something running around at the bottom of the sink.

Lo and behold, there's a brown recluse staring back up at me. I spent a good 15 minutes with a flashlight out, watching it, and trying to get it to stay still long enough for me to see the violin on it's back (And maybe the 6 eyes). But it was freaking out as much as I was. In any case, I never saw the violin on the back, so I'm not 100% positive it was a brown recluse, but it did have the exact body shape, no fuzz, and the big fangs :P :P :P

No doubt I killed that fucker, but he went down the drain before I could get him for a closer look (doh).

So when I'm done with the dishes. I look up info on them, "The bite is painless". Oh shit, I'm not experiencing any pain! "Most people don't even know when they've been bitten, because symptoms only show up after 3-6 hours". *screams*

Well, I went to bed, more nervous than ever (I'm really aracniphobic by the by, hense the freaking out). I figured I'd find out in the morning if I was actually bit.

Lo and behold, it must have just been a splinter, I have nothing on my hand.

Now I feel much better :P

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