Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

SecondLife is Now Free!

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd let you guys know that Second Life is now free for basic accounts (Used to be $10). You still need a credit card OR a paypal account to join! Yep, you can use paypal (according to the forums anyway) to sign up. Sweet eh? And of course, anyone that signs up as me as a referer, I'll give you one of my avatars for free! (All available except the Raptor and the Full-Prim Werewolf). Jakkal Dingo is my username on there. Please contact me in-game to get your av!

So click here to go to SL: (It gives me the referall if you click here)

Q&A Session: What is Second Life?
It's a MMORPG without a theme. It's entirely user created.

What can you make in SL?
Anything you can think of. You can use their in-game editor to build stuff, and if you're a programmer, you can script things to .. do things. Yeah I suck at writing, can you tell? Examples though: You can make weapons (Guns, Bombs, stuff like that), Vehicles (Cars, Boats, Airplanes, Tanks, Spaceships, you name it..), You can uh... make cool glowing affects, you can do magic shit like I put in BT... anything! If you know poser, you can make gestures and animations for the avatars. It's fucking awesome.

Where can I go in SL?
If you're a furry, there are several For-Furry areas (called sims) that are independant from the mainland of SL. If you're not a furry, say maybe you like vampires, there are some Vampire and Gothic areas to hang out too. There are nightclubs and dance places all over the place. There are casinos, malls, beaches, "nature preserves", Amusement parks (with scripted rides), sports arenas (Like football, lasertag, tennis, bowling, etc) and all kinds of other stuff. And if you really want something that you can't find - you can get land to build it!

If it's free, why do I need a credit card or a paypal account?
This one is actually a lot more simple than it looks. #1. You have to be 18 or older to get on the main grid of SL. Having a Credit card or paypal account -helps- to ensure that most people are over 17. #2. Greifers and assholes are less likely to sign up for something when they have to give some form of verification to get on. Especially if they fall under the next one -> #3. You only get one free account #4. If you wanted to upgrade your account to a premium (landowner) account, you'll need that info on file to make it instant.

So come on guys, it's a lot of fun!

Oh and, I've made my werewolf statue into an avatar (It's not for sale yet, still working out the kinks and getting it ready)

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