Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Well, the Werewolf is for sale now.

The Werewolf Avatar is one of very few in my collection in that it is a full-prim avatar. This means the avatar uses only prim parts, and thus human skins, eyes, hair, etc cannot be used with this avatar. Because of the complexity of this avatar, it is not modifiable.

However, it has been preprogrammed with several different eye colors and some other nifty features. First and foremost, the werewolf has SnarlControl. You can open and close the mouth on command. You can change the avatar's eye color or make it glow red for a totally sinister look. The avatar also comes with an animation overrider and some custom animations to make sure this badboy really sticks out from the other werewolves on SL. And in addition to that, we have made some custom gestures - howl and growl - to really scare the beejesus out of anyone you might encounter.

This avatar is only available at my store in Bruin 68, 105.

Click for a bigger pic

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