Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Well the Drakkolupen avs are for sale...

There's a vendor, like, infront of my store on my land (near the fountain). There was a crowd of people in my store and I didn't want to go in there and freak them out (Or get in a long winded conversation about the avs). When I shop, I don't like the store owner pestering me or watching me, so I like to do the same for people in my store.

In any case, I'll be moving the drakkolupen vendor into the store later tonight when I'm done with BT. I need to redo all my other vendors as well, as my new one is much much nicer (No more scrolling through the inventory, it actually shows you what's what).

In addition, the FurNation build contest is over, and Fluffy won! Thanks to everyone that voted for him :) There were a lot of really great sculptures there. I think they're still up, so you guys should go check them out (The teleporter specifically for the contest is in the FurNation sandbox).

That's all for now, time to work on BT.

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