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With all this talk of hurricanes lately, I can't help but feel a little guilty. Excuse me while I blabber on selfishly about something that's been in the back of my mind since Katrina hit.

No doubt those of you that read my comic Black Tapestries know that this current story arc has to do with both a Hurricane, and a power-source shortage. The correlation hit me initially after Katrina hit and we were hit with a gas shortage (Colonial pipeline was shut down for a few days). That did bother me a little, but I got over it.

Now comes Rita, another monster storm. Remember This post that I wrote in December of 2004? I was commenting on the freak storms and other natural phenomena that is inundating our planet.

Personally, I find this stuff fascinating, as I was planning to minor in meterology, as well as took several courses in geology and natural disasters. I really do think it's somewhat exciting. In any case, I decided to put one of these megastorms in BT. On the cover of the current Issue is from a reference of Hurricane Ivan last year.

Now guys, please don't read this wrong, I KNOW that I'm not doing this, I don't control weather, nor would I EVER fool myself into thinking that. I know some people might read my post and think this, so don't. That's retarded. I'm not saying I predicted it either, so get that out of your head too. What's bothering me is the coincidence. Here I am, working on a story arc that has to do with a hurricane, and now, the US and some countries in the Pacific are getting nailed by them. And yes, Hurricanes are common, "Major" hurricanes are not. Infact, the old rule used to be that one or two Cat 4's would make landfall "every few years". They called 2003 and 2004 "Anomoly years". Folks, these aren't anomoly years anymore, this is the reality. Whether we cause global climate change, or it's a natural phenomenon, it is making these hurricanes stronger. We've had more hurricanes in the past few years than 'average', and we might beat the record number of 21 hurricanes as set in 193..2? or was it 3? Somewhere around there.

I certainly don't mean any disrespect from anyone in a hurricane ravaged area with my comic's current storyline. This started before the hurricanes did, there's no way to predict this stuff. And the story must go on.

To those of you in or around the Texas/Louisiana/Mexican coastal areas - Consider your evacuation plans -now-. You have a few days, use them. This isn't a post-Katrina freakout folks, this is a Category 5 storm. This is as strong as they've been known to get folks. The chances of another city wide cataclysm is -very high-. For those of you within 100 miles of the coast, consider your plans as well. This will be a hurricane for a long time after it makes landfall. You will get the brunt of the storm, in places that might not be prepared for coastal storms. I can tell you that Raleigh was not prepared when Fran hit us, and it was a category 3. Our mountains were not prepared when Frances and Ivan hit last year (Several days after making landfall). Charlotte was not prepared when Hugo hit (Again, days after making landfall). Don't let it fool you guys, just because you live away from the coast doesn't necessarily make you safe!

Anyway, I need to write and draw BT now. Be safe people.

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