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Well Project Minotaur is done and we've moved on to Project Lil' Squeaker. A while ago someone requested a mouse/rat avatar so I spent yesterday working on them. They're all done, I just need to do some minor tweeks to them and then package 'em and make a vendor for them. They're very cute.

And FYI, I am still giving out free avatars to people who sign up with me as their referer (a no mod version to basic accounts and a mod version to premium accounts, prim avatars not included).

In other news, I've been trying to wean myself off Dr P. I just drink way too much, and I think it's been contributing to my sinus woes. I also found out that Bow got the cheap air filter last time we switched over and my sinuses have been going nuts since. We'll get a new air filter next week.

Anyway, back to the Dr P. I haven't opened a single bottle in two weeks. But, I have been drinking cans of Dr P, but only when I'm eating a meal. When I get thirsty now, I just drink KoolAid. I Forgot how good KoolAid can be. I think drinking the cans at meals has helped me to avoid withdrawl. Everytime I've tried to wean myself in the past I'd get awful headaches until I had another Dr P (Magically coke 'n' shit didn't work). In the past I used tea to wean myself, and it never worked. I figured it would with the caffeine content in tea. Oh well, the KoolAid is a lot better for me.

That's all for now.

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