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The Secret of Painting

Howdy yall. I have, once again, been asked to give a tutorial on photoshop painting.

Of course, it may appear that photoshop paintings take skill, experience, understanding of basic artisting concepts, elementary design principles, and anatomical knowledge. But we all know it's a digital painting in the end. And thus, it MUST be the work of a combination of random filters.

So I have finally decided to pass on the secret, to be shared by other artists...

Lo and behold... the SECRET of PHOTOSHOP PAINTING!*

In all seriousness, really guys. A tutorial? On making a painting? Look, tutorials are all well and good for learning elements... elementary principles. Paintings require something no tutorial can give you -> Experience. A painting requires experience, understanding, knowledge, patience... and a bunch of other things people in this ADD world don't have. There is no tutorial for a good painting because all the work of a good painting is done -By The Artist- and Not the program.

So please, admire the work. Critique the work. Learn from the work. Don't ask how you can make the work - that takes years of practice.

*Yes I yoinked the idea I saw on DA years ago -> http://www.deviantart.com/view/12764980/

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