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See now this is unacceptable.

First, do not bitch at this artist, this was a commission, so the asshole that wanted it is the jerkoff, not the artist. She probably didn't know better. So don't play retarded fanboy on her and flame her.

But look at this shit: http://www.sheezyart.com/view/482768/

Way to steal Lorelei's markings asshole. Every looked at a greyfox you jerk? They look nothing like this. Way to RIP OFF my character you FUCK. I made her markings EXACTLY like that so FUCKS like YOU wouldn't get away with STEALING them.

Goes to show how much of a "FAN" some people are when they can't respect shit.

Okay, just found the guy's DA gallery. Dude even rips off my LJ icon with the glowy eyes. Jerk. http://foxdf.deviantart.com/

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