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Project ZR2

I finished my latest av, at least the prim parts, this weekend but my scripter is out of town. So, I started a new project. This is something I wanted to do since I was a newb on SL. Unfortunately I couldn't attempt it until now, because I was so skittish about the texturing.

I have conqured my fears! Behold Project ZR2!

So here's a RL ZR2 for comparison:

For those of you who don't know, the ZR2 is a type of four wheel drive Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. It's a special offroad package that included fender flares, big meaty tires, a lot of suspension options, that's about it. Really it's a nice looking 4 wheel drive S10 made for moderate offroad use.

I fell in love with these trucks after getting my own S10 (And seeing the ZR2 package thusly afterwards). I've always wanted a blue ZR2, but it's impractical for us to get one (Especially with a Silverado that's so much better).

Well this isn't real life! It's my second life! And if I want something - I can just build it!

Now for some info, The truck is kind of blocky, I'm not too thrilled about that, but I couldn't build an S10 with less than 31 prims unless it was blocky. See SL has this 31 prim limit thing for vehicles with physics enabled. Without physics, they're kind of hard to drive. So the S10 had to be 30 prims or less. Which means, blocky, no smooth body lines, and a lot of texturing to make up for it. I really wanted to put a lightbar and grill guard on it, but the lightbar took up all the prims I have left (I had to take out the passenger seat just to keep the lightbar.) I might change the lightbar so it's using a hollow cube (1 prim) instead of two tori and a cylinder (3 prims). This way I can keep the light bar and replace the passenger seat. But I still won't be able to put a grillguard on it. Oh well.

I used reference pics for the textures, but I still had to 'paint' them because the images were really poor quality. It took a lot of doing to get the cab right, with the windows and door panels 'n' all. The box was the easiest part, but it wasn't until after I put the tailight texture on that I discovered the reference truck had two different taillights! So I had to go in and fix those as well.

I had to paint the front of the truck myself because I couldn't find a single straight image, and it had to be -perfectly- straight or it would bow down. So I yoinked some pics and started painting.

I also had to use a generic tire tread texture, so the tread is obviously for a car, and not a truck. I'll probably make my own painted treads later.

So far it drives fine, it's really fun and it just looks really nice! Here's some other shots of it.


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