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With moving and all, I've been trying to work on some new avs on SL to make a little extra cash. I've had a lot of people ask me for rabbits, mice, squirrels and similar small mammals.

Well they're done. And they're quite cute. I think I mentioned the mouse before, but the Squirrels and Rabbits were put on sale yesterday. Here's a couple of pics of them in their cuteness.

I really like how the squirrels came out. The rabbits are okay, not my favorites. I decided to do up a better little display for them, so I made a giant foresty 'scene' and then stuck a poseball in there to make sure all the avs where in the right position with a nice little pose. Came out pretty well. I think I'll be doing that from now on. The avs look much better with a pose than the icky default poses.

I'm currently working on a deer av, as well as a goat av (since they'll be rather similar). I'm also working on a full prim dragon, but that'll take a while giving the scripting that needs to go along with it.

All for now.

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