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Enter: The Drama

So I had another furry today shove a cock in my face, on my land in SL. I hear this "Hey Jakkal check this out" in horrible, broken english and I turn to see.. it.. on the werewolf avatar. (The mild humor of this was the size of said schlong was WAY too small on the wolf, but that's another point).

Why would this moron do this? I swear some furries have no shame, none at all.

Then he gets booted from the land after being told to 'read the signs' which clearly state 'no bits'. Is it so much to ask? Although given the Engrish of this kid, I would be amazed if he could read the signs. So he gets ejected from the land. Note, not banned, just removed. So he sits on the edge of the property, and proceeds to 'whine' in a typical furry fashion that involved another avatar, with a penis and a jacking off pose. I moved the truck so we couldn't see him behind it. That was amusing as all hell.

It was at that point that he was just being a raving jackass and we banned him from the land. Might I note that the last time I saw this joker, he was trying to furiously hump the leg of a friend of mine. Of course that was so ridiculous that I Thought he did that as a joke, it was funny at the time. Now I wonder if he actually -wanted- to hump my friend's leg. You never know with these types.

So then once again, we come back to, "Why do they act this way?" Is it attention seeking? Is it bad manners? Did he actually think I wanted to see him put a fake dog penis on a werewolf, that wasn't even ATTACHED to the werewolf?

This also leads me to another thing I've been pondering lately. I see some furries (not often, mind you, but some) complaining about humans and human behavoir. How 'humans' only care about themselves, their ego, their appearance; general superficial things like that.

I hate to be the bearer of observation, but you folks are no different, infact I Think you have these same traits and blow them WAY outta proportion.

The following is based on -observation-. And don't tell me I haven't observed 'enough places'. I have, infact, for the past 10 years. I know a lot of furries also have very little self esteem and/or they suffer from severe sensitivity when it comes to the opinions of others. That's why this disclaimer even exists, as I wish to curtail the whining before it starts.

I propose that a lot furries suffer from Barbie syndrome. Even if their 'fursona' is fat, bloblike mass, it's how they envision the perfect 'self'. But it seems to me that most furries envision their fur-self as the epitome of perfection. Most furries are either thin, bishy types, or very muscular, body building types. Some are small and cute. Some are 'inflated' or whatever. Either way, the furries have this mental image of the 'perfect self' and they project this onto their fursona. Are they this way in RL? Probably not.

I also notice this from taking commissions, or at least people that want commissions of their characters. A lot of furries are -very- specific about how their character looks to the very last detail. Now I"m not sure if this is some kind of mental disorder such as OCD or Aspergers or something kicking in, or if it's just their idea of 'perfection' overriding their other senses. When you hire an artist, naturally you're hiring their 'skills', not all, myself included, are going to capture the perfect sense of this other person's 'self'. One thing I hear a lot on SL, from people who want to recolor their avs, are very specific markings, very specific hues of color, very specific sizes and such. And if you do not reach these 'specifics' they act, to me at least, as if they were just run over by a buick, like they're about to cry, as if their whole world just crashed around them.

This, again, is based on PURE observation and my interpretation of them.

I'm sure some people are reading this, thinking, "But Jakkal, you draw all your characters like blah blah blah. You even draw yourself as a thin anthro wolf with specific markings and blah blah." Folks, take a look at my pics of myself. The markings are always changing because I'm -not- sure how it should look. I don't have a 'perfect sense of self' when it comes to my wolven self. I know I have black markings (which are usually drawn as dark chocolate brown or even dark gray), but I don't know specifically how they look. In addition to that, in RL, I am thin! I do have long auburn hair. I do wear a t-shirt, jeans and a ballcap everyday. That 'me' is my RL self, but drawn as an anthro wolf. So you can toss that card out.

I have the puppy avatar because it's cute and I like puppies. I don't see myself that way. But sometimes I have to wonder if Furries think that... because I can't help but think that of them now.

And rambling on, I'm not saying this to make it sound as if Therians are better than Furries. (Because I know someone will try to play that card against me as well). I think some Many many Therians suffer from this as well. Or I should say, I know the therian posers think this way as well. Where the 'self' that most therians -are trying to understand better- becomes the 'self' that -people wish they could be- for a variety of reasons (Escapism, strength, flight, general super powers).

I could ramble on about this a little longer, and I might later. But I need to go work on my comic now.

In conclusion: Why can't they act online like they would in RL? Would you whip out your pecker in RL to show someone? No, you wouldn't because you're not the paragon you can pretend to be online.

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