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I had some really weird dreams last night, with old High School buddies and anthro animals. I remember commenting about how real they looked in the dream itself. I think it's kinda funny I had such weird dreams on the first night in a few weeks that I didn't need to take sinus medication. Hmmm. I did wake up last night, and stayed awake for a while. Lots tired now, yes.

I got my copy of the Wind Waker yesterday. Hot damn that game is so very cool so far. I really liked the introduction, althought it was kinda cheesy in a way. It reminded me of the beginning of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." I was, however, relieved to find out the boy in the game is /not/ the same Link in OOT. At least if he has any connection to OOT, they haven't made it known yet (I'm only an hour into the game). The expressions on Link's face make up for the fact he still suffers from Silent Protagonist Syndrome. God it's so funny. The light rendering is awesome, and while I'm not fond of the cartoon nature of the game, the graphics are wonderful, and really fit that "cartoon" mood. The style reminds me of Samuri Jack.

I'm so glad it's spring now. I hate winter. Now I have my mind set on one thing, the NC Howl. It's that time of year we start to prepare for it, gathering the shit we'll need and saving up money to blow in Cherokee and other crap. Can't wait to hit those go-carts! Maybe this year we can get some tubing or white water rafting in. Either way the hiking and the waterfalls alone make it worthwhile. I found another waterfall about 20 miles from where we usually go that has a natural swimming pool right under the falls themselves. I get the feeling it would be crowded though, as the falls we normally swim at are so hard to hike down, most people don't try.

That's about all for now.

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