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Home Inspection!

Well we had to go out to the house today to the do the required home inspection for the lender and such. I took the camera with me, hoping to get some good pics of the yard and the interior. Unfortunately, they had all their stuff packed and shoved in the living room - exactly where I wanted to get the interior shots. Oh well.

Here's a pic of the outside of the house:

Click fer a larger version

I know you can't see it here, but these trees are surrounding a pond, which is supposedly on the property:

Here's a pic of the front yard. Lotsa land :)

Sorry about the awful quality of this pic, I wanted to show my mom the woodstove, but they had just tons of crap piled up in the way so I had to hold the camera up and hope the shot took. Little blurry, but you get the idea

I love the tiled floors and the kitchen countertops:

Up close tile shot:

It's supposed to close on the 24th. So if everything works right, we can start moving in then. I'll get some better shots when the place is actually empty, and some shots of the back yard as well.

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